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    The primer loose powder by PuroBio Cosmetics is a specific product to improve and extend the duration of eye and lip make-up.

    The silky powder texture, enriched with rice powder, silica and corn starch, fixes cream products thanks to its high absorbency, while the presence of mica adds brightness.

    It is also great when used as a free face powder or as a fixative for lipsticks creating a matte effect.

    The product is Nickel tested, vegan friendly and certified organic by CCPB.


    pour a small amount of product onto the lid of the jar, pick it up with the help of a brush and apply to the area around the eye or lips, apply make-up as usual.


    Base PRIMER for Dry Skin

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    Nourishing and smoothing

    The PuroBio Cosmetics primer for dry skin nourishes and smooths the skin, leaving it with a velvety effect.

    Its natural ingredients, such as apricot kernel oil and olive oil, moisturise even the driest and most chapped skin.

    The primer for dry skin improves the application and prolongs the duration of make-up.

    The product is Nickel tested, suitable for vegans and certified as organic by the CCPB [Italian Certification Body for Organic Products].


    Apply a small amount of product onto your face and spread evenly until completely absorbed. Best applied using your fingers.

    Do not apply to the eye area. This area is more delicate and requires specific products.


    Do not use too much product to avoid excessive oiling of the skin, making it difficult for make-up to set.

    For mixed skins, we advise applying PRIMER for dry skin to the driest areas of the face, while the PRIMER for oily skin is best used for areas that tend to be shiny due to excess sebum (T-zone).



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    The eye primer by PuroBio Cosmetics is specific to improve and extend the long-lasting effect of your eyes make-up.

    Its cream texture enriched with olive oil and shea butter moisturizes your eyes area, while its light pigmentation, with an orange undertone, counteracts the dark circles and uniforms the eyelids colour.

    Its quick drying does not affect the application of your eye make-up, which can soon be applied.

    Nickel tested, vegan OK, certified organic by ccpb.


    make sure your hands are clean, take a small quantity of product, tap your eyes area with your fingertips and blend evenly on your waterline area and on the bottom area of your eyes.


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  • Primer Base per Pelle Grassa


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    Smoothing and uniforming effect, matte and velvety finish.

    The PuroBio Cosmetics primer for oily skin, with its smoothing and mattifying action is perfect to absorb excess of sebum.

    Its  quick drying does not affect the blending of the foundation that can be applied soon after with excellent results.

    The primer for oily skin allows you to achieve a perfect and long-lasting make-up.


    Apply a small quantity of product on your face and blend evenly until complete absorption. Application by fingers is suggested. Do not apply on your eyes area, which needs specific products.

    Nickel tested, Vegan OK,  certified organic by ccpb.

    Hints and Tips

    Do not exceed with the quantity of product to avoid overdrying, which can affect the long-lasting action of your make-up.

    For a combination skin it is recommended to apply the PRIMER for dry skin on your dry areas, whereas the PRIMER for oily skin is recommended on your oily areas ( T zone).

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