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    brush 12


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    Face brush for sculpting in precious synthetic DERMOCURA® thread.

    This brush was conceived and designed for all facial contouring techniques.

    Its particular flat shape, along with the right consistency of the thread, is ideal for sculpting the lines of the face.

    Ideal for use with products like bronzers and highlighters, which can be applied with precision using the flat edge and shading by rotating the brush like this to spread the colour perfectly.

    The grip is flat and intuitive to make it easy to handle. Technical, but also particularly easy for application and definition (both pure application and shading).


    Wash the brush well after use with a neutral detergent.

    For best results in defining the cheekbone line, we recommend holding the brush just above the bristles, holding it lightly in order to achieve better application to create a more narrow line to shade.




  • pennello-11-purobio


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    Facial brush for applying blush with precious synthetic DERMOCURA® bristles.

    This brush is the “must have” for sculpting a defining facial features Its form, angled, rounded cut, accompanied by soft and flexible bristles  has been especially developed to facilitate application and blending the products   for sculpting, as a blush and bronzer, thereby respecting facial contours, providing a smooth and nuanced effect.

    Also effective for applying facial base with powder products, having a creamy and liquid texture.



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    Eyeshadow blender brush in DERMOCURA® fine synthetic yarn.

    Its specific flame shape enables you to blend the eyeshadow in a swift and simple way.

    With this brush you can create very light shadows, or, brush over the previously applied eye make-up, to eliminate any flaws, uniforming it and creating a particularly natural effect.

    The texture of the yarn and its shape guarantee an ample and even coverage.

    Perfect for creating smokey eyes.

    Useful also for applying/blending powders/creams and face products such as Powders, eyeshadows, bronzers and concealers.



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    Eye brush in DERMOCURA® synthetic yarn for accurately applying and blending eye shadow.

    Its particular round shape, slanted and rounded at the tip, enables you to blend the eye shadow, easily reaching the most difficult and delicate areas of the face, to give a chiaroscuro effect and evocative light effects, for a make-up made of continuous combinations and shades.

    The special texture of the yarn makes it very versatile and therefore suitable for applying both powders and creams.

    Excellent for: concealers, eye shadows, face powders and bronzers. Perfect for precision contouring.




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    Face brush in DERMOCURA® fine synthetic yarn for spreading, applying and blending BBcream.

    From the very first time you use this brush, it will prove to be your “ideal ally” in applying BBcream SUBLIME puroBIO cosmetics.

    Its tapered shape, combined with a soft and flexible yarn makes it easy to apply and blend products for the base, giving a uniform, fresh and natural look.

    Effective also for sculpting, particularly when using creams.

  • Palette Live in Color

    Palette Live in Color

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    The live in color palette by PuroBio cosmetics allows you to make a customized  range of colours.

    It contains up to 8 eyeshadow pods with a diameter of 30 mm.

    Handy, trendy, and customizable!

    All your colours at hand.

    Hints and Tips:

    it is possible to clean it with a wet rag.

    Avoid direct contact with water.


  • Pennello Correttore/Ombretti - n.04

    BRUSH N° 04

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    Cat’s tongue brush, medium size, thick bristles.

    The Brush 04 by PuroBio Cosmetics has short and thick bristles which allow you to apply cream products in a precise and professional way.

    Ideal for the application of concealers or eyeshadows, particularly the shimmer finish products.

    Hints and Tips:

    after use: clean properly the brush with a mild detergent.

  • Pennello Terra/Blush

    BRUSH N° 02

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    Soft and angled brush.

    PuroBio Cosmetics has created the brush n°02 to easily apply your make-up on cheekbones and small areas of the face.

    Its angled structure allows you to define your face shape and perfectly blend blush, compacts, brightening, powders or any powder product.

    Hints and Tips:

    Aftern use: clean properly the brush with a mild detergent.

    Hold the brush tight, slightly above the bristles, to make a narrower line to blend and to perfectly define your cheekbones.


  • Pennello ombretti in polvere

    BRUSH N°07

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    Flat brush with soft bristles

    The brush 07 by PuroBio Cosmetics has soft and round bristles.

    If it is used flat it is perfect for a uniform blending of eyeshadows,   if used inclined it is excellent for a high definition of contours or for blending of eyeshadows and pencils.

    Hints and tips:

    after use: clean the brush properly with a mild detergent.

  • Blender Spugna Fondotinta

    BLENDER Sponge

    5 out of 5

    The sponge BLENDER by puroBio cosmetics is a polyurethane sponge for the application of any fluid or powder products.

    Its peculiar egg shape allows you to work on small and large face areas.


    Use the round part for the large areas. Use the tip to easily apply the products on the eyes and nose area.

    Hints and Tips:

    Use a wet sponge.

  • Pennello Rossetto

    BRUSH N°06

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     Tip brush with flat bristles, small size.

    PuroBio Cosmetics has created the brush n°06 to perfectly contour and fill your lips with no smears. The elongated and slim tip allows you a precise contouring and filling and an easy and controlled application.


    Take a small quantity of lipstick with the semi-rigid tip of the brush and outline your lip contour. Apply and fill your lips with the brush slightly inclined.

    Hints and Tips:

    After use: clean the brush properly with a mild detergent.

    For a plump effect, outline your lip contour half a millimeter outside your natural one. For a perfect result, blend the lipstick on your top and bottom lips moving from the center outwards.

  • Pennello per Cipria

    BRUSH N° 01

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    Brush with large and soft bristles.

    The brush n°01 by PuroBio Cosmetics, with large and soft bristles, is perfect to apply powder on face and body.

    Use it for powder, compact or brightening and other powders.

    Hints and Tips:

    After use: wash the brush properly with a mild detergent.

  • Pennello per piccoli dettagli

    BRUSH N°05

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    Small and flat brush, semi-rigid bristles.

    PuroBio Cosmetics has created the Brush n°05 to easily apply the make-up on small areas of eyes and face.

    The round and flat bristles allow you to make fine lines, light points and precise details.

    Hints and Tips:

    after use: clean the brush properly with a mild detergent.

  • Pennello Fondotinta

    BRUSH N° 03

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    Flat kabuki brush

    The brush n°03 by PuroBio Cosmetics is perfect to professionally apply fluid or powder make-ups, either compact or loose.

    The short and flat bristles, very thick, make it easy to apply and have a high coverage.

    Hints and Tips:

    after use: clean properly the brush with a mild detergent.

    For fluid products put a small quantity of product on the back of your hand to avoid waste and excess, dip the brush and apply.

  • PURSE handcrafted

    PURSE handcrafted

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    Comfortable and spacious, handcrafted

    The Purse by PurioBio Cosmetics is excellent for your handy make-up, documents or any other items you need.

    It has been produced with low waste. Its double locking with two small buttons at different heights makes its size adjustable.

    Excellent to keep your PuroBio Cosmetics brushes.

  • Temperino puroBIO Cosmetics

    Pencil Sharpener puroBIO Cosmetics

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    Small, discreet, clean and resealable

    Double professional.

    The puroBIO Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener is specifically designed for professional use, ensuring the tips of your Eye and Lip Liners are always sharp for their best performance.

    It comes equipped with a cover to contain the lead removed from the liner and a handy stick, making it easier to clean.


    Do not use a normal pencil sharpener designed for colouring pencils to sharpen make-up pencils, as the wood residues could attach to the lead, causing irritations and scrapes.
    The puroBIO cosmetics pencil sharpener is indicated for make-up pencils only.